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Meet the Tiwal 3 sailboat



One adventure, 1000 possibilities

It all started with Marion Excoffon’s idea; a crazy idea to create an inflatable boat that would delight everyone. A boat that would allow everyone to sail their own sailboat and simply enjoy the pleasure of sailing. An idea that meant that everyone could set sail for a day, an afternoon, an hour … on a whim. At TIWAL, we call it an “escapada”.

Co-Founder & Industrial Designer



TIWAL has won audiences all over the world, wherever they have been! A fresh breeze has brought us awards from the four corners and oceans of the world.


Helm a real small sailboat

The Tiwal 3 is effortlessly manageable and crafted to provide enjoyment for both children and adult sailors. Its versatility shines whether in saltwater or freshwater, navigating smoothly across all wind speeds and accommodating solo or double-handed sailing.

Beginners find it comfortable and secure for practice, while seasoned sailors appreciate its liveliness and speed, seeking the thrills of adventure on this dynamic monohull.



Intuitive and fast to assemble

Are you a boating enthusiast, but the lengthy setup process makes you uneasy? Fear not! With the Tiwal 3 small sailboat, you can hit the water in just 20 minutes, and fold it down just as swiftly, all by yourself. No tools or specialized knowledge required; simple clips and hook-and-loop straps do the trick. And here’s the icing on the cake: maintenance is a breeze, just an occasional rinse will do. In essence, it’s a boat with no strings attached!



A compact daysailer easily transported

Whether tucked away in the trunk of a car, stowed in a camper van, on board a plane, resting on the deck of a yacht, or trailing behind a bike, the compactness of the Tiwal 3 makes it effortlessly transportable.

Stored snugly within its two bags, this ten-and-a-half-foot dinghy becomes your travel companion, eliminating the need for a trailer. Whether for a post-work evening excursion or a vacation adventure, it’s ready to accompany you anywhere! When not in use, it discreetly fits into a closet or a small corner of the garage, maintaining a low profile until your next aquatic escapade.


A boat that’s 100% fun

The Tiwal 3 revolutionizes the ergonomics of sailing dinghies with its innovative features: an inflatable hull that remains rigid while sailing, a spacious and uncluttered deck, simplified controls, and a boomless sail. The outcome? Unbridled enjoyment in harnessing the elements of wind and water.

For added comfort during hiking out, optional foam protectors on the wings are available. Whether sailing solo or with a partner, the Tiwal 3 ensures ease and pleasure in every excursion on the water.


Innovative concept and premium manufacturing

The Tiwal 3 small sailboat embodies innovation with cutting-edge materials, a minimalist rig, and a bold approach to design.

It represents a revolutionary leap in the realm of dinghy sailing, born from meticulous engineering and realization. Its acclaimed fusion of an inflatable hull and aluminum structure delivers outstanding rigidity.

With a track record of over 2,000 boats sold, the Tiwal 3 is a proven and trusted vessel, manufactured in France to meet industry standards.


Mast: carbon C50
16′ 1″ – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminum

Hull length: 10′ 6″

Sail: North Sails Dacron (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken


Boat weight (empty): 110 lbs (50 kg)

Maximum load:
440 lbs (200 kg)
2 adults or 1 adult + 2 kids

Maximum load on wings:
220 lbs (100 kg) / 1 adult


Nr. of chambers: 2

Hull bag:
59″ x 16″ x 14″ / 62 lbs
150 x 40 x 35 cm / 28 kg

2nd bag:
59″ x 16″ x 14″ / 62 lbs
150 x 40 x 35 cm / 28 kg



Sail in all weathers

The 75 ft² sail is a powerful mainsail, suitable for one or two adults out in a light to moderate breeze.

The 56 ft² sail is very versatile. It works well for adults sailing in a good breeze, and for the kids in lighter wind conditions.

Lastly, the reefable 75/56 ft² sail is an all-weather mainsail, whose area can be adapted to suit the wind strength. If the weather changes, you just need to make a quick stop on the beach to make your optimal sail area.

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