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Meet the Tiwal 2L sailboat

The family sailing dinghy​



TIWAL has won audiences all over the world, wherever they have been! A fresh breeze has brought us awards from the four corners and oceans of the world.


A small cheeky sailboat

The Tiwal 2 is incredibly adaptable, catering to various sailing configurations. Whether single-handed, with one adult and a child, or two children, it effortlessly adjusts to your needs. Its round, scow-shaped bow enhances front volume, making steering exceptionally easy. Additionally, the inflatable wings offer extra lateral stability while sailing. Despite its compact size, the Tiwal 2 embodies the features of a larger sailboat, characterized by its responsive and playful behavior on the water.



Assemble as quick as a flash

Assembling a Tiwal 2 is incredibly simple—a task even a child can handle. With minimal parts involved, the process is straightforward: inflate the hull, attach the structural sections with clips, complete inflation, then add the rig and sheet. All of this can be accomplished in just 15 minutes, without the need for any tools. Your Tiwal 2 is ready to hit the water! Disassembly is just as swift and easy, following the same steps in reverse order.


The travel-size dinghy

The two bags of the Tiwal 2 can be conveniently stored in the forepeaks of a catamaran, in a locker, or even on deck while sailing. Additionally, the compact size of the Tiwal 2 allows it to fit easily in the trunk of your car, in your RV, or it can even be taken on a plane for your adventures wherever you go!


Take your sailboat on board

Once assembled, the inflated hull of the Tiwal 2 can be conveniently stored on the trampoline at the front of a catamaran or on the deck of a monohull cruiser. Launching your Tiwal is a breeze due to its lightweight and easy handling. Simply secure a line at the mast step and lower the Tiwal 2 hull into the water.

The Tiwal 2 hull features seven carrying handles around the perimeter, facilitating easy handling from any position. Once the hull is in the water, attach the rudder, centerboard, and mast with the sail. Your compact sailing boat is now ready for boarding!

The sail, adorned in yellow, wraps around the mast. When at anchor, it’s convenient to leave your Tiwal 2 tied off the stern of your cruising boat or pulled onto the beach if you’ve ventured for a swim.


An original design for great sailing fun

Designed by Marion Excoffon, the Tiwal 2 fulfills the desire to bring a compact boat everywhere, especially on yachts, to enhance the sailing experience while at anchor. It has quickly become a beloved family pastime, fostering shared moments and creating cherished memories.

With its innovative features, such as the inflatable hull and wings, the Tiwal 2 offers a delightful and secure sailing experience while remaining user-friendly. Its vibrant colors add a playful touch to life on board, making it a standout addition. Beyond recreational use, the Tiwal 2 also serves as a valuable training boat for clubs and sailing schools, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Manufactured in Tiwal workshops, it upholds rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliability and enjoyment for all who sail it.


Mast: carbon C50
16′ 1″ – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails Dacron (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken


Boat weight (empty): 90 lbs (41 kg)

Maximum load:
330 lbs (150 kg)
1 adult + 1 child

Draft: 2′ 5″


Hull bag:
4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 55lbs

2nd bag :
3′7″ x 16″ x 10″ / 45lbs



Sail in all weathers

The 60 ft² furling sail is a practical sail, suitable for one or two sailors sailing in a light to moderate breeze.       It rolls up around the mast for easy storage.

The reefable 64/52 ft² sail is an all-weather sail, whose area can be adapted to suit the wind strength. If the weather changes, you just need to make a quick stop on the beach to make your optimal sail area.

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