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Meet the Tiwal 3R sailboat

Racing sailing dinghy



TIWAL has won audiences all over the world, wherever they have been! A fresh breeze has brought us awards from the four corners and oceans of the world.


A light and precise boat for exceptional sensations

The Tiwal 3R is a high-performance dinghy engineered for effortless sailing. It swiftly accelerates even with gentle breezes, providing ample power to navigate between air currents while maintaining speed. Agile and responsive, it easily planes across the water’s surface, engaging with all elements, whether on the open sea or a tranquil lake. On the ocean, it’s a joy to ride the swells, effortlessly descending waves and exhilaratingly accelerating in the surf. A truly euphoric experience, where every breath is filled with excitement.

The Tiwal 3R boasts outstanding seaworthiness, even in challenging weather conditions. It efficiently sails close to the wind and executes quick tacks within its own length. With its blend of lightweight construction and nimble responsiveness, the Tiwal 3R offers an unparalleled onboard experience. Take control and enjoy the adventure—it’s all in your hands!



A sporty sailing dinghy in just 25 minutes

Assembling the boat takes just 25 minutes, no tools required*. Each line lead is color-coded, simplifying the rig setup process.

Disassembly is even quicker—less than 20 minutes, and your boat is neatly packed back into its bags.

*Only a batten trim key is needed for adjusting tension.



The take-anywhere sport boat

Imagine having a boat in your car’s trunk—it’s like magic! The Tiwal 3R is the ultimate take-anywhere sport boat, compact and versatile. It neatly packs away into one bag for the frame, another for the hull, and a third for the sail.

The sail can even be folded in half to fit into a bag the same length as the boat bags. Whether you’re sailing for pleasure or competition, this dinghy will be by your side, ready for any waters, anywhere. It’s a fresh and exciting way to experience the joys of sailing like never before.


High-tech design

The inflatable hull of the Tiwal 3R is crafted using fusion technology, achieving rigidity comparable to fiberglass while remaining lightweight. This method emphasizes structural assembly, with welded inflatable parts ensuring exceptional durability over time. Additionally, the hull features a right-angled rail on the aft section, enhancing water flow and overall performance.

The sail, designed in collaboration with North Sails specifically for the Tiwal 3R, boasts a tri-radial cut for optimal efficiency and precise trimming. Constructed from Xi V2 laminated sailcloth typically used in competition sails, it offers a balance of softness, strength, and lightweight durability, resisting elongation. Its matte black color reduces reflections, aiding quick assessment of sail shape. Adjustable strong battens allow for fine-tuning power based on wind conditions and enhancing airflow.

Complementing the sail is a rig comprising a 90% carbon mast and boom, contributing to the boat’s dynamic performance. The daggerboard and rudder, both constructed from lightweight composite materials, further enhance rigidity. The extended rudder supports the sail’s power, ensuring stability and control even in challenging conditions.


Performance and precision at your fingertips

The Tiwal 3R was meticulously designed by sailors, for sailors, primarily tailored for single-handed use but adaptable for two-person sailing. It’s engineered to deliver exhilarating sensations without requiring peak physical fitness. Key controls are conveniently positioned within easy reach while sailing. The downhaul, cunningham, and clew outhaul lines are strategically placed on both starboard and port sides, enabling on-the-fly sail adjustments for extended gliding through the water.

Braided ropes featuring a Dyneema® core ensure ultra-precise adjustments as needed. Due to its lightweight construction, any tweaks you make translate into immediate feedback. The vang incorporates a traveler that seamlessly aligns with the boat’s structure, enabling smooth sail easing on broad downwind stretches. The mainsheet runs through a stand-up block equipped with a jammer for enhanced comfort. A large monofilm window in the sail provides a clear view, allowing vigilant monitoring of the surrounding environment on the water.

The extended wings at the stern enable optimal positioning for the sailor, depending on wind strength and boat heading. This configuration enhances stability and performance, particularly in windy conditions, providing an exhilarating sailing experience.


Mast: carbon C90
16′ 1″ – 5 parts

Boom: carbon C90 – 2 parts

Hull length: 10′ 6″

Sail: North Sails (Xi V2 and monofilm)

Blocks: Harken & Ronstan

Rudder blade & daggerboard: Kompozit anyag


Boat weight (empty):: 121 lbs (55 kg)

Maximum load:
440 lbs (200 kg)
2 adults or 1 adult + 2 kids

Maximum weight on wings:
242 lbs (110 kg) / 1 adult

Draft: 2′ 5″


Hull bag:
4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 57 lbs
145 x 41 x 36 cm / 26 kg

2nd bag :
4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 68 lbs
145 x 41 x 36 cm / 31 kg

Sail bag :
1′6″ × diam 8″ / 12 lbs
46 x diam 20 cm / 5.5 kg


Sail in all weathers

A choice of 3 sails is available to suit all practices.

The 77 ft² “Light wind” sail is designed for winds of 8 to 15 knots maximum.

The 67 ft² “Freeride” sail is more suited to stronger winds (upwards of 10 knots).

The 77/67 ft² reefable sail enables you to sail in all wind conditions.

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