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Meet the Tiwal 2L sailboat

The family sailing dinghy​



TIWAL has won audiences all over the world, wherever they have been! A fresh breeze has brought us awards from the four corners and oceans of the world.


A great boat for everyone

Whether you’re sailing as a couple, with the kids, or solo, the Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy effortlessly accommodates all your sailing preferences. Measuring at 10 feet 10 inches in length, it offers exceptional comfort across various sea conditions, including waves. The scow-shaped bow and the wings effectively enhance the boat’s downwind maneuverability and ensure stability during tacking or gybing maneuvers.



Putting it together is child’s play

From unboxing to sailing, assembling the Tiwal 2L takes merely 15 minutes, sans any tools. Initially, the hull is inflated to low pressure using the rechargeable electric pump. Subsequently, the aluminum frame is effortlessly attached to the hull with simple clips. Finally, after inflating the boat to high pressure with the manual pump, the rig is added. It’s a delightful activity suitable for the entire family! And when it comes to stowing it away later, the process is equally hassle-free.


A big boat that you can fit anywhere

The two bags housing the Tiwal 2L are conveniently transportable by car. Their size allows you to reserve a portion of the trunk for other luggage. Whether carried solo or shared between two individuals, transporting the bags is manageable. This means your boat can accompany you on all your journeys, ensuring maximum enjoyment at every destination!


A new standard of comfort and safety

The Tiwal 2L offers sailors a spacious deck, facilitating easy movement onboard. Its inflatable wings serve as comfortable seating for adults and provide reassuring support for children, complete with handles for stability. With ample space onboard, the Tiwal 2L ensures sailors can fully enjoy their experience on the water.


Innovative concept and premium construction

Marion Excoffon designed the Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy with the aim of providing enjoyment for the whole family or solo adventurers. The design ethos of the Tiwal 2L embodies a delightful and comforting ambiance, evident in its vibrant colors and rounded forms. It pledges memorable adventures that unite sailors of all ages. Despite its sleek appearance, innovative technology underpins its construction, ensuring both simplicity and functionality. Crafted with precision in our workshop according to rigorous industrial standards, the Tiwal 2L represents a new era in sailing dinghies.


Mast: carbon C50
16′ 1″ – 5 parts

Framework: anodized aluminum

Sail: North Sails Dacron (Dacron, and Monofilm depending on the model)

Blocks: Harken


Boat weight (empty): 103 lbs (47 kg)

Maximum load**:
440 lbs (200 kg)
2 adults (or 1 adult + 2 children)

Draft: 2′ 5″

The standard recommends 2 people of 165 lbs or a person of 165 lbs and 2 of 82 lbs. As builder we accept the use of the boat with a 165 lbs person and 3 people of 55 lbs.


Hull bag:
4′9″ × 16″ × 14″ / 77lbs
145 x 41 x 36 cm / 35 kg

2nd bag :
3′7″ x 16″ x 10″ / 45lbs
100 x 41 x 25 cm / 21 kg



Sail in all weathers

The 71 ft² furling sail is a practical sail, suitable for one or two adults sailing in a light to moderate breeze. It rolls up around the mast for easy storage.

The 75 ft² sail is a powerful sail, suitable for one or two adults out in a light to moderate breeze.

The 56 ft² sail is very versatile. It works well for adults sailing in a good breeze, and for the kids in lighter wind conditions .

Lastly, the reefable 75/56 ft² sail is an all-weather sail, whose area can be adapted to suit the wind strength. If the weather changes, you just need to make a quick stop on the beach to make your optimal sail area.

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