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Buying a boat is not a one-off business transaction between seller and buyer. Buying a boat is a relationship of trust. That is why we at RIB Store Budapest strive to answer all your questions from the very beginning. Whether it’s about choosing the ideal boat, annual maintenance and upkeep, or many other questions, we will personally assist you.

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I am interested in RIB boat

Contact us, ask for a personal appointment! We will listen to your needs and expectations. Our trained staff will help you choose the right solution for you. We will do this even if this particular boat (type) is not in our range.

Interested in test driving

Thinking about buying a RIB but haven’t decided which boat to buy? From April to October, you can test our boats (G580, G500, G420, G340, Tiwal 3, F-RIB) on the Danube, river Tisza and Lake Balaton at pre-announced or individually agreed dates and locations. Dial now and ask for an appointment!

I have a technical problem, question.

We all get stuck during a technical failure. If you need help, call the RIB Store Budapest service department or write to one of our staff. The RIB Store Budapest staff is at your service from Monday to Friday from 9.00-16.00.

Resale programme - not just for traders
  • Do you have a shop related to sports, water sports or leisure activities (e.g. caravan rental)? Become a reseller!
  • Do you have online or public space? Be our partner!
  • Exhibit our demonstration boats in a high traffic area.
  • Recommend us and be part of our success!

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Budapest, Bojtár street 58.

Grand, Gala, F-RIB, Takacat, 3D Tender and Tiwal dealership.

What can you expect from us after you have asked your question?

A human voice and personal communication. You’ll be helped by trained and polite staff, not robots.

We aim to contact you within 2 hours of your enquiry and answer all your questions in less than 24 hours.

Contact us with confidence!

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